Effective Vertical Jump Workouts and Training For Higher Jumps

Since the time we were kids we were used to hearing that if we want to get better at something we need to repeat it many times. While it’s true in some way it’s not always the best way. Jumping is one of those things where repetition is not really helpful, unless you learned how to repeat it properly.

Remember that when you were a kid your coaches told you to jump 1000 times with your rope every day, well the days of that have passed and training methods have been sophisticated much ever since.

Long Repetitions vs. Short Bursts

rope-jumping-kidThe problem with long repetitions is that you’re training your muscles endurance, while in vertical jumping you need to be training your muscles explosion. The same is true for every other high intensity activity that you can think of. Sprinting for example, is a great way to illustrate that, if you want to run the 100 meter dash faster you should train running the 100 meter dash, it’s not gonna help if you log long hours of cardio or run a marathon.

This principle is a big breakthrough in the way training regimes are built in the last years and it’s called functional training. Trust me, I’ve been to a few meetups and seminars to know this. In essence it says this: if you want to work on something, work on doing specifically that. So if we take that to our topic of vertical jumping, it means that if we want to jump higher we need to work on jumping higher. Sounds simple right? No, not really.

The Simplicity (Actually Complexity)

The problem with functional training is you can miss out a lot of the aspects involved when looking at it as a no brainer. Obviously if you tried jumping higher every day you will succeed, but only to some extent because you’re not really treating every aspect of jumping.

There are many workouts and exercises that are fairly good for increasing your vertical leap but there’s one in particular that breaks it down completely, this program is Vert Shock by Adam Folker and it rises above the competition because it found 9 variables which determine the height of your jump.

Of course Vert Shock isn’t the only alternative, there are other good programs as well, but they’re not as deep and comprehensive as Vert Shock which is considered by many as the best jump program in 2016.

Watch Vert Shock Reviews and notice that the program has taken people’s vertical from 22 inches to around 40 inches in just 6 months, you don’t get to do that with any normal vertical leap training.

Vert Shock

Well, we could give you all the exercises you’ll ever want like, squats, lunges, calf raises, ham raises and the list goes on… but nothing will be compared to working with a professional trainer who knows what to prioritize and how. What’s nice about Vert Shock is it’s like a personal trainer assigned only to you, so no more wondering if you’re training the right way, from now on you’ll how to train yourself.

And if nothing else, if you’ll go to various jump blogs and social media you’ll have a bunch of proof that it’s best to go with a program such as Vert Shock because it really helps you to stick to it and stay committed.